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Wall of Gratitude

By March 27, 2017No Comments

Wall of Gratitude | Indiegogo EcoAdventure Campaign
Austin Youth River Watch launched an Indiegogo campaign from February 27th to March 21st to raise $5,000 for the 18th annual EcoAdventure Spring Break trip. This EcoAdventure is a transformative, educational experience that cultivates the imagination, resourcefulness, environmental awareness, and collaborative skills of our young explorers, our future environmental stewards.
River Watchers had the opportunity to camp in state parks, engage in one-of-a-kind environmental activities, and make lasting memories. They learned about the wildlife and the ecology of the land in East Texas as they hiked trails, slept under the stars, and formed meaningful friendships with their peers. Because of the generous supporters listed below, we were able to take 14 students from 7 different high schools on this EcoAdventure. Three of our students were first-time campers, 3 first-time canoe-rs, and 4 said this trip was the farthest from home they had ever been. After the adventure, all 14 students said they made a new friend and all 14 said they would go camping again!
Because of you, we exceeded our goal! We raised $5,079. THANK YOU to our River Watch Family listed below as well as all the staff, board members, and volunteers behind the scenes for making this year’s EcoAdventure the best yet!

Cebailster  |  Margie Crisp  |  Fidel Campuzano  |  Greg Smith  |  Wendy Scaperotta  |  Richard Grayson  |  Jeffrey Nichols  |  John Clement  |  Jennifer Himstedt  |  Jennifer Quereau  |  Anna Mackey  |  Chloe Green  |  Omar Garza  |  Meaghan Escareno  |  Jody Allen  |  Adam Comer  |  Tzelasko  |  Trey Green  |  Morgan Hamilton  |  Rand Zumwalt  |  Detroy Green  |  Adriana DaCosta  |  Jamie Longston  |  Kegan Coleman  |  Colleen Crone  |  Amy Gonzalez  |  Elisha Best  |  Alicia Colin Gray  |  Tobin Quereau  |  Karen Magid  |  David Morris  |  Rjack67820  |  Karen Ford  |  Molly Harfoush  |  Meredith Hubley  |  Melissa Flick  |  Dylan Siegler  |  Sodolak  |  Chloe Russell  |  T L Pellison  |  Lonnie & Jenny Samford  |  Jennifer Zerzeck  |  Karen Prendergast  |  Lori Moran  |  Neal Cook  |  Melinda Chow  |  Michelle Fowler  |  Aaron Braud  |  Jonathan Barton  |  Tamara Saltman  |  Karen Kocher  |  Carolyn and Ken Johnson  |  Bob Holden  |  Megan & Matt Wilson  |  Jill Csekitz  |  Dolores Martinez  |  Laura Stevens  |  Vicky Wu  |  Andy Gerhart  |  Ruth Buskirk  |  Laura Esparza


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