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For the after school program, River Watchers meet one day a week with their River Watch Coordinator and the other River Watchers from their school.

They go out to a local creek or park to practice water-quality testing, perform environmental restoration projects with community partners, and participate in several outdoor experiences, often for the first time and in places that are new to them. These types of activities not only provide a valuable service to the community but also give our students a sense of responsibility for the environmental quality of their communities.

River Watchers also have opportunities to participate in campouts, outdoor recreation adventures, and community outreach activities.

Through our program, students become local environmental heroes, gain leadership and collaborative skills in interdisciplinary settings, and have positive transformative experiences that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

When River Watchers feel like part of the group, they adopt the high expectations of the group for themselves and tend stay in school until graduation.  The graduation rate of River Watch Seniors since our inception in 1992 has been nearly 100%.

Through River Watch I learned that our surrounding environment can tell stories. It’s almost like a history museum in a way because what lies within a forest or park can tell the past damage and care it’s received over time.

OdalisTravis High School, 2019

The most important thing I have learned in river watch is that it is important to care for our rivers and creeks. Earth is our home and we must take care of it.

CrisNavarro High School, 2018

During my time in River Watch I connected with other girls like never before and made amazing friends whom I still talk to. I got to see a new side of Texas and experience camping for the first time which will forever be a special memory for me.

GabriellaNavarro High School, 2019

I have lots of memories with Riverwatch creating laughter. But most of all I’ve learned that I should always do my best and test my limits.

RicardoManor High School, 2018

One of the most important things I’ve learned is patience. Whether I’m conducting tests or waiting to get food at the eco house, being patient with myself and others is a trait that will translate anywhere and I am proud that River Watch has played such a big role in it.

GabriellaNavarro High School, 2018

In River Watch, everyday is a memory for me. I get to meet new people and get to know nature better.

AlineLBJ High School, 2019

The reason I love River Watch so much is because it brings two of my favorite things together, friends and the environment. I love learning about my local ecosystem and hanging out with friends.

IsabelEastside Memorial High School, 2016

What I like about River Watch is the exposure. It gave me the opportunity to do amazing things like caving and fishing.

AlexisLBJ High School, 2015

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