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AYRW’s summer program is a six-week program for high school students in environmental service-learning and outdoor recreation that promotes youth development, greater awareness of STEM and environmental careers, and environmental stewardship.

This program focuses on watershed and riparian health as students study climate change mitigation, water quality testing, and aquatic ecology along the Colorado River.

Students will engage in outdoor adventures like camping, kayaking, snorkeling and more!

Overall, students leave the program with a greater understanding of the relationship between human activity, natural systems, and our water supply.

Summer 2024 Applications have closed.

It was amazing to get out and make a positive contribution to the environment while still having fun.

AraceliTravis High School, 2019

I love how this program makes people aware of the actions we as people make. It’s good to help out the environment because not many people do so.

Odalis HernandezNavarro High School, 2019

The greatest experience of my life was with River Watch. On one of the overnight camping trips I got to go on a night hike where I learned how to call owls and all the owls nearby went crazy! It was amazing.

PeriaLBJ High School, 2015

River Watch is the reality of what everyone pictures an idealistic club to be

TierneyLBJ High School, 2012

Austin Youth River Watch has really changed my perspective on waterways, I have learned a lot about river health in the Austin area and the animals that live in our waters. I would definitely recommend this program to other high schoolers because it more than just learning about water, the people are great and its a comfortable environment to be in.

KasandraTravis High School, 2011