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Seeking Board Members

By July 11, 2016No Comments

Austin Youth River Watch empowers Austin’s underserved youth through hands-on environmental activities and academic support. We are seeking additional board members who share a passion for our mission and a vision for our long-term growth. If the following description sounds like a good fit for you, please contact Melinda Chow, Executive Director:
What we’re looking for: Passion for our mission, vision for growth, and 100% commitment to board member duties. In addition, we have specific needs in the areas of web design, legal counsel, grant writing, human resources, and fundraising expertise. Approximately 83% of our River Watchers represent the Hispanic and African-American community. Applicants with the appropriate skills who represent the community we serve are encouraged to apply.
About our board: We have an active board of nine members who represent a variety of skills and professions throughout the Austin community. What we share is a dedication to River Watch and a genuine interest in Austin’s youth and environmental future. We hope to add 3 – 5 members to the board in the coming year.
The commitment: Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings and participate in special events and programs whenever possible. Our meetings are agenda-driven, yet the “vibe” is fairly relaxed. Serving on the fundraising, financial and/or readiness committee is encouraged. A personal financial commitment that is meaningful and realistic is also expected. The term is three years.
Interested? Send your resume and letter of interest to Melinda Chow:

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