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Austin Environmental Heroes Summer Program

By April 14, 2019December 19th, 2019No Comments
Austin Environmental Heroes Summer Program Announcement
Austin Environmental Heroes (AEH) summer program is back for another year! The AEH summer program is a partnership between Austin Youth River Watch and TreeFolks. This program combines both Austin Youth River Watch’s and TreeFolks’ expertise to create green-collar jobs training in tree watering and maintenance along with environmental education in riparian restoration and water quality testing. Including tree watering and educational experiences about the connection between our forests and our water supply serves to both alleviate the stress on municipal tree plantings over the hot summer months and create an even more robust environmental service-learning experience for youth, amplifying their status as Austin’s young environmental heroes. Along with environmental field work, the Heroes will also experience weekly enrichment activities including camping, swimming, canoeing, tree climbing, educational modules, and field experiences with green-collar professionals.
The six-week program will begin June 17th and run through August 2nd, and the summer stipend will be $350 per student again! The stipend not only provides an incentive (while especially enabling youth from underserved communities to participate), it also facilitates the financial responsibility and life-skills aspects of the youth development program.
The Austin Environmental Heroes program will be delivered in partnership with TreeFolks, with the support of the City of Austin‘s Urban Forest Grant Program and the Watershed Protection Department. See the flyer below or visit the AEH website for more details or to apply: Interested students should apply ASAP and we will begin interviews in the next few weeks!