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Young Women's Overnight

By February 18, 2017No Comments

February 18-19, 2017 | Young Women’s Overnight
Nine River Watchers planted 94 eastern gamagrass transplants for our Blanco River Restoration Project, in association with Texas State University’s University Camp facility. The young women planted native grasses along the Blanco River in order to restore the riparian habitat. Students also learned about the ecological history of this area, most notably the 2015 Memorial Day floods, regarded by many as one of the worst floods ever in Texas. Planting deep-rooted grasses along the river can help restore the riparian ecosystem, the natural habitat, and prevent future flooding. The grasses came from our longtime friends and supporters, Cook’s Canoes, and this project was supported by the Nature U: Together Outside, an initiative of The Michael & Susan Dell Community Collaborative for Child Health. The River Watchers learned about a new, yet ecologically related riparian ecosystem in central Texas, and experienced a beautiful natural area along the Blanco River.
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