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April 9, 2017 | Zilker Park 100th Anniversary Caretaker's Cottage Grand Opening

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April 9, 2017 | Zilker Park’s 100th Anniversary Caretaker’s Cottage Grand Opening

Because of the rewarding hard work removing invasive species River Watchers did to help the Austin Park Rangers get ready, staff and River Watchers had the opportunity to be a part of the grand opening of the new Park Ranger Station at the Zilker Caretaker Cottage, during the 100th birthday of Zilker Park!
Three River Watchers tested the dissolved oxygen (DO) level nearby at Barton Creek throughout the morning, and saw it go up as it got later in the day. At 8:45am, it was at 4.7 mg/L, went up to 5.9 mg/L at 9:45am, and then up to 6.8 mg/L at 10:45am. As plants undergo photosynthesis, oxygen levels increase in the creek.
4.9 4.9-2

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