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World Water Monitoring Day

By September 18, 2017January 13th, 2020No Comments

September 18, 2017 | World Water Monitoring Day

Monday, September 18 was World Water Monitoring Day, a global initiative designed to inspire people around the world to test their local water quality and encourage action to protect water. To celebrate this day, Austin Youth River Watch joined forces with EarthEcho, a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 by siblings Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau in honor of their father Philippe Cousteau Sr. (son of the legendary explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau)! We were invited to be a part of EarthEcho’s International Water Challenge.
To participate in the International Water Challenge, 11 River Watchers from Crockett and Eastside Memorial High Schools tested the water quality at Lady Bird Lake and uploaded their results to an international database of water quality data. This database combines water quality data from sites all over the world, all in one place. Click here to view the Facebook live video of our students performing the water quality tests, and here for the final results! What a fun day!
You can read more about World Water Monitoring Day and EarthEcho here.