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October 2015 | Fall Rainy Days

By October 22, 2015No Comments

October 2015  |  Fall Rainy Days
Although nothing can replace the EDUCATIONAL and FUN experiences we have outdoors along the streams and rivers in Austin, this fall we have had to find creative ways to learn indoors and avoid rainy conditions. Practicing for the Mentor Test has been a great way for River Watchers to understand their important role in the Austin community as a water quality monitor and the reviews have provided a unique opportunity to coach each other as they begin to understand the physical, chemical, and biological parameters that affect the quality of water. Our Program Coordinator Extraordinaire, Tamara Sevier, created a BINGO game that prepares River Watchers for the Mentor Test.
After River Watchers have participated in the program for one year, they can elect to take the Mentor Test and become a Mentor to their peers. As a Mentor, their daily stipend increases, they assume more responsibility with data collection, and they develop leadership skills.

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