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February 3, 2016 | Mentor Test Review

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February 23, 2016  |  Mentor Test Review
15 River Watchers from Lanier High School and Austin High School avoided the rainy afternoon at Allan Elementary. They ate snacks and reviewed the River Watch Mentor Test. After River Watchers have participated in the program for one year, they are eligible to take the Mentor Test. Upon passing, they will become a Mentor to their peers. They will lead their group in water quality monitoring tests, demonstrate prosocial behavior, and encourage collaboration. Here are a few examples of test questions:

– Describe the role of D.O. in the aquatic ecosystem by discussing the main sources of D.O. and the organisms that utilize D.O. in an aquatic ecosystem. Then, describe the daily patterns of D.O.? Consider using these words: photosynthesis, respiration if you write your response. You can also draw something that shows the sources of oxygen, those who use the oxygen and a chart or other depiction of the daily pattern or label the chart above.
– The expected range of pH for Austin area streams is between _____________ and _____________ standard units.
– Why is it important to keep nitrates low in the aquatic ecosystem?
– Describe what a healthy, functioning riparian area looks like and list three benefits.

This is tough test! River Watchers are fast learners and are passionate about protecting nature in urban areas.

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