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2018 Spring Break EcoAdventure Crowdfunding Campaign

By February 21, 2018No Comments

2018 Spring Break EcoAdventure Crowdfunding Campaign

This year is the 19th Annual Spring Break EcoAdventure. On March 10th, the young men of River Watch will head out for the ultimate road trip to East Texas! You can be part of this adventure by donating to our Spring Break EcoAdventure Crowdfunding Campaign on BetterUnite.
The EcoAdventure is a transformative, educational experience that cultivates the imagination, resourcefulness, environmental awareness, and collaborative skills of our young explorers, our future environmental stewards. The trip is a culminating experience for our River Watchers where many of the lessons of environmental stewardship of the past year on the local level will coalesce into a deeper, global understanding and appreciation for nature.

For many River Watchers, the EcoAdventure is their first real camping trip, setting up and pitching tents outdoors. It’s their first road-trip even, first time making s’mores by a campfire, and their first time seeing a magical night sky full of stars. (The picture below is of a young River Watcher’s first visit to the coast from the EcoAdventure to East Texas in 2014, where he first felt sand and first laid eyes on the big blue sea.)

Please give to our crowdfunding campaign to support our young men if you can. Every little bit helps! You can donate here.

Thanks for your support of Austin Youth River Watch over the years, and for all you do for the community. We will make you proud!