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Zilker Park Boat Rentals helps River Watchers visit Cold Springs and Lady Bird Lake

By July 5, 2012No Comments

June 28, 2012 and July 5, 2012:     24 River Watchers canoed from the Zilker Park Boat Rentals to Cold Springs in Lady Bird Lake.  Students swam in the cool, clear water of the Springs and talked about the Edwards Aquifer and the travel times of the water through the karst.  On July 5th, volunteer extraordinaire, Matt Hendrix, saw a rough green snake above the springs.  This is a very friendly species of snake so one of the adults in our group caught the snake and helped the students to pet it and hold it.  Later we released the snake back to where we found it.  Students also saw many herons and egrets and lots of turtles.  Thanks to Zilker Park Boat Rentals for this opportunity.

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