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Young Women's Campout at McKinney Falls

By February 24, 2013No Comments

February 23-24, 2013:     13 Young Women of River Watch camped out at McKinney Falls State Park.  The River Watchers experimented  with healthy meals by cooking chicken breast and vegetables in foil packs directly over the coals of our fire.  Then we took a night hike near our sampling site at the Lower Falls, where we heard and saw the silhouette of a barred owl very close to us.  While there we also heard a mysterious sound like a branch being dragged along the ground for short distances.  When we would move or talk, it would stop and then it would start again. When we returned to the rest of the group, we found them telling scary stories around the campfire.  Our story of the sound of the branch spooked them plenty.
In the morning, we ate a good breakfast, broke camp and headed out to visit the Upper Falls and tour interpretive exhibits at the Visitor’s Center.  The girls loved looking in the little pools of water near the Falls, dangling their feet in the water and absorbing the heat of the sun after a cold night camping.  Everyone enjoyed the Adventure at McKinney Falls.

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