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Thanks to Cook's Canoes and to REI for sponsoring the 2012 Canoe Camping Adventure!

By October 7, 2012No Comments

October 6-7,  2012:      7 River Watchers, organizational staff and one Volunteer, Chris Mills, had a great set of adventures on the Young Men’s Canoe Camping Adventure 2012! Thanks to our sponsors at Cook’s Canoes in downtown Webberville!  On Saturday, the students put in at Little Webberville Park.  Friends of the River Watch came to see us off on the water.  We saw two species of kingfishers, the osprey and many crested caracaras – good East Travis County Species to see.  We also heard piliated woodpeckers and saw a couple of other species of woodpeckers.  But by far, the favorite birds of the students were the great egreats and great blue herons.  And what river journey would be complete at this time of year without the tell tale butt bobs of the spotted sandpiper – so cute.  We got to the island in under an hour.  Students set up camp.  The tents and sleeping pads for this Canoe Camping Adventure were provided by REI.  Thanks to our sponsors at REI for the equipment loan.  Highlights of Island time included Camping on the Island, Fishing, Fireside stories, smores, burgers the ongoing hoots of barred owls and floating down the river in our life jackets and then walking back upstream.  In the morning, we had a good warm breakfast and packed our gear into the canoes for our journey to the canoe take out at Big Webberville Park.  Thanks to Travis County Transportation and Natural Resources for giving us permission to leave our vehicles overnight.  Young men from four different schools came together on this Adventure and all of them got to know each other and themselves a little better out on the river.

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