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Service Learning Program – Turkey Creek

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February 24-26, 2015:     River Watchers from Lanier High School participated in another installment of the Service Learning Program. Hands-on projects throughout the 2014-2015 school year will include enhancing and restoring streams and rivers throughout watersheds in the Austin area as part of the Service Learning Program, funded by Impact Austin. River Watchers from nine Austin ISD high schools will participate in 10, week-long service learning projects that focus on improving riparian habitat and corridors. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating with us for part of the week but below is more information about the project at Turkey Creek, which was led by Lanier River Watchers:
February 24, 2015
Five River Watchers from Lanier High School brushed up on their knowledge about riparian zones through discussions, demonstrations, and games. Our Service Learning Program Manager, Adam Comer, initiated discussions about land uses, healthy and unhealthy ecological and hydrological processes, practices that support water quality and diverse plant and wildlife species, and urban challenges to natural areas. River Watchers used surface water runoff models to examine the impact of ground cover and soil type to rainfall. They played a game of Riparian Pictionary to review new terminology.
February 25, 2015
Five River Watchers from Lanier High School were welcomed to the Turkey Creek site by Amanda Ross, who is with the City of Austin’s Wildlands Conservation Division. Amanda provided a history of the area and talked about the role of the Wildlands Conservation Division in the Austin community. Kyle Garmany, who is a hydrologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife joined us as well. River Watchers planted native grasses and tree saplings along the eroded banks, which will eventually provide shade, resulting in cooler water temperatures, stability for the stream bank, and habitat for wildlife and birds.
February 26, 2015
One River Watcher from Lanier High School finished the project by planting 50 plugs of Eastern Gamagrass, 18 plugs of Inland Sea Oats, and 4 saplings of Roughleaf Dogwood along eroded banks of Turkey Creek Trail.

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