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Service Learning Program Pilot

By December 17, 2013No Comments

Eight River Watchers and our Program Coordinator, Mr. Adam, kicked off the first week of our Service Learning Program pilot!  River Watchers from Crockett High School were also joined by one regular program volunteer and the C0-Director of our community partner organization, Ecology Action, Mr. Joaquin Meriel.  Together they gathered seeds from native local ecotype grasses in the woods at Ecology Action’s Circle Acres Preserve.  River Watchers learned about the native shade tolerant grass species, Inland sea oats and wild rye.  They spread out through the forest with gallon sized zip-lock baggies in hand to gather seeds from the plants already growing there.  Later in the week their plan is to spread those seeds to parts of the preserve where those grasses are not yet growing.  October 7th was the first day of our pilot for a special week-long Service Learning Project!

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