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Service Learning Program – Hornsby Bend

By November 14, 2014No Comments

November 10-14, 2014:     Austin Youth River Watch launched a Service Learning Program this fall, working in partnership with Impact Austin. Hands-on projects will include enhancing and restoring streams and rivers throughout watersheds in the Austin area and learning about habitat functionality and riparian ecology. River Watchers from nine Austin ISD high schools will participate in 10, week-long service learning projects throughout the year. Read more about the Service Learning Project with LBJ High School River Watchers at Hornsby Bend:
November 10, 2014
Six River Watchers from LBJ High School visited Walnut Creek near LBJ to complete a pre-assessment report of the area. They toured the creek and discussed riparian ecology and examples of urban land uses that affect drainage and flow of Walnut Creek. LBJ River Watchers then explored the Hornsby Bend riparian forest and “Big Tree” near the River Watch EcoHouse. They talked about the characteristics and benefits of a healthy, functioning riparian zone.
November 12, 2014
Six River Watchers from LBJ High School reviewed the tenets of a healthy, functioning riparian zone. As they walked the grounds of the EcoHouse, they learned more about beneficial, native riparian plant species. Then they assembled plant beds, which will include native plants for harvesting for future service learning projects.
November 13, 2014
Seven River Watchers from LBJ High School were greeted by the staff at TreeFolks as they led River Watchers on a tour of their offices and facilities. TreeFolks shared information about the importance of trees in an urban and riparian setting. River Watchers concluded the evening by reviewing the tenets of a healthy, functioning riparian zone and the themes from the discussion with TreeFolks.
November 14, 2014
Eight River Watchers from LBJ High School continued with their work on the plant beds around the EcoHouse, using native plant species from Hornsby Bend. They wrapped up their night by reviewing how native vegetation supports conservation and how riparian zones provide important habitat for wildlife and a variety of ecosystem functions. River Watchers completed their post-assessment report for their week-long project at Hornsby Bend.

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