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Senior Dinner

By April 10, 2014No Comments

April 10, 2014:     19 River Watchers attended the annual Senior Dinner at the Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts at William B. Travis High School.  River Watch Staff, Board Members, volunteers, and supporters joined the senior River Watchers to celebrate their achievements and to wish them well on their next journey after high school.  A slideshow with photos from the 2013-2014 school year reminded us of the adventures we had together, the work we did for our environment, the friendships we made, the impact of collaboration, and the significance of community.  Seniors recalled their most memorable experiences as River Watchers and also talked about their plans after high school graduation (below).  It was an honor to share this evening with them!

  • Prairie View A&M to study Music Education
  • Basic courses at ACC in preparation for transfer to a university
  • Rocky Mountain College in Wyoming to pursue Equine Studies
  • Pre-med studies at Texas State with plans to become a paramedic
  • Attend Texas State
  • Army and then study Criminal Law at Sam Houston State University
  • ACC to take basic courses in preparation for transfer to a university and then join Doctors without Borders
  • ACC to complete basic courses, AmeriCorps, and then attend Schreiner University to focus on a degree in science
  • Pursue interests in becoming an author and/or detective
  • Travel the United States
  • Pursue a Business degree at St. Edward’s University
  • St. Edwards University to study Creative Writing, Japanese, and Illustration
  • Fashion Institute of Technology in New York
  • ACC to take basic courses and cosmetology school
  • ACC to complete basic courses and pursue a career in professional basketball
  • Complete basic courses at ACC, then attend A&M to study Communications
  • St. John’s University in New York to study Business and Automotive
  • Air Force and then study choreography
  • ACC to complete basic courses, attend University of Texas, and pursue a career in the Air Force

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