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Rivers Watchers Meet Dr. Kathy Alexander

By June 26, 2013No Comments

June 26, 2013:     Two River Watchers spoke with Dr. Kathy Alexander and her team, who are overseeing the process of data submittals and the technical aspects of the Lower Colorado River Authority’s Water Management Plan.  River Watchers shared our observations from our recent river trip of dead corbicula, Asian Clams, whose mortal threashold for dissolved oxygen is between 3 and 1mg/L.  They also spoke about the succession in the river where long established stargrass beds get colonized by hyrilla and then by algae.  River Watchers highlighted that we saw at least two stretches of the river in excess of 1/3 of a mile each with about 85 – 90%  of the volume of the water taken up by plants and algae.

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