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River Watchers give presentation for Environmental Board at City Hall

By October 17, 2012No Comments

October 17, 2012:     Five River Watchers gave a presentation for the Environmental Board while 11 of their fellow River Watchers observed the presentation in the Austin City Council Chambers.  The students discussed their River Watch experience and the problem of low dissolved oxygen they identified this warm season on the Colorado River below Longhorn Dam.  One of the students, Fidel C., who also serves on the Board of Directors of River Watch, highlighted canoeing as one of his favorite things he has gotten to do with River Watch that he doesn’t think he would have gotten to do if he hadn’t participated with the program.  Each of the students talked about what they liked about the program and helped give an overview of the tests they do and what they indicate in the environment.   The students prepared for the presentation every Wednesday for about six weeks before the actual presentation date.  They came up with the ideas of what to say, put together the power point presentation themselves and practiced it over and over again together.  They worked so well together as a team.  We are very proud of the River Watchers!
The Environmental Board is a group of concerned, knowledgeable  citizens appointed to serve by members of the Austin City Council.  They provide oversight and input for the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department,  the second largest sponsor of Austin Youth River Watch, and sponsor for River Watch for all of our 20 Years of Service!  Thanks for having us.
After our presentation , the students requested to stay to see the presentation about Waller Creek Design.  They also got to see the re-election of the Environmental Board Chair as well as a session about a variance, which as Dr. Maxwell, the Chair noted, is watching their government in action.

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