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Rich Experiences at Open House

By February 26, 2012No Comments

February 26, 2012:   Six current River Watchers, Four River Watch Graduates and about 50 other family members, friends and community members came out to the EcoHouse for the Open House.  Three hours of Archery, Kite Flying, BBQ, pie, and Interpretive Nature Hiking later all had met good people and had a good time.  Our Executive Director enjoyed visiting with one River Watch Graduate in particular.  Brent asked him, “What did you get out of participating in Austin Youth River Watch?”  And he replied, ” I learned to love the environment.”  Program Director, Elisabeth Welsh, relished seeing three graduates she had not seen in more than five years and taking a couple of their kids on the nature hike.  It was clear that these children loved being out in nature too, just like their Dad had loved it when he was in River Watch.  One current River Watcher fell in love with Archery.  It was beautiful to see the multi-gernerational, multi-lingual kite flying and other interactions.  We sincerely appreciate everyone who participated in making this a special event. Thank you.

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