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Lions and lots of Tigers and a Bear too – River Watchers visit rescued animals at the Austin Zoo

By July 12, 2012No Comments

July 12, 2012:     Seven River Watchers visited the rescued animals at the Austin Zoo.  The Austin Zoo is a non-profit organization, like Austin Youth River Watch.  Frequently the animals at Austin Zoo come from people who can no longer take care of “exotic pets” like tigers or lions.  That part of the story is sad.  But then Austin Zoo rescues these animals, creates good habitats for them and helps the people of our area to learn more about the creatures of our world.  The students especially enjoyed the lioness and the tigers.  The prairie dogs were a big hit and the peacocks roaming the grounds were a constant source of wonder.  The zoo also features a petting zoo section where the students could go visit goats and other farm animals up close.  This was a fun adventure for the final day of the Summer Leadership Program for 2012!

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