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Flooding at Williamson Creek Greenbelt at Dove Springs Park

By November 13, 2013No Comments

November 13, 2013:     Eight River Watchers visited Williamson Creek Greenbelt at Dove Springs Park.  They witnessed a significant morphology of the stream channel; the greatest morphology that Ms. Elisabeth has seen in over 14+ years of visiting this site!  Those impacted by the flood were using the Dove Springs Recreational Center as a temporary shelter.  This severe weather and its consequences provided a lot of discussion for our River Watchers.  The students who had been to this site previously noticed the differences from the stream channel to the debris and the grass being laid over.  The path that we usually take to get to the water was washed out and piles of detritus were deposited along the trail out of the park and throughout the forest floor area.  We had to make a new paths during our visit.

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