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Conservationist, Anne Brockenbrough, Inspires River Watchers to Dream Big and Pursue their passions in life

By July 2, 2012No Comments

July 2, 2012:     14 River Watchers were inspired by Conservationist and horse aficionado, Anne Brockenbrough, who hosted students of Austin Youth River Watch at her ranch near Elgin, Texas. She described the passionate pursuit she stuck to despite others telling her “no” and “that’s not possible”, etc. She asked the students to tell her their biggest, no-holds-barred dreams. “Dream big” she said. The students watched as she worked to break a horse. She explained what she was doing as she elicited each student’s big dream – dreams of becoming a baker, a lawyer, a happy person, someone who can travel, a fashion designer for animal clothes, the leader of a media company that would focus on youth bringing out messages to help the environment, a purveyor of natural jewelry, and so many more imaginative big dreams! We then walked on her property along Wilbarger Creek where she helped the students to understand her conservation work. In partnership with her neighbors along Wilbarger Creek, there are approximately 1,000 acres of land being set aside for conservation purposes with conservation easements either currently or soon to be approved.  She also explained how she makes a living through diverse income streams ranging from horse boarding to hosting people making films on her land.  After our hike, we enjoyed lunch together and thanked Anne for a great day!

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