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Cold Springs Canoe Trip

By July 3, 2014No Comments

July 3, 2014:     Five River Watchers completed the tour of the Edwards Aquifer with a canoe trip to Cold Springs.  This summer River Watchers have tested water upstream of the Recharge Zone, crawled through a cave where water actually contributes to the Edwards Aquifer, swam at Barton Springs, tested below the outfall of Barton Springs Swimming Pool, and canoed to Cold Springs.  Barton Springs is like the mouth of a long underground river and Cold Springs is like the mouth of a smaller creek.  They are both part of the Edwards Aquifer, where the water comes back up to the surface contributing to the baseflow of the Colorado River.  Thanks again to Zilker Park Boat Rentals for making this opportunity happen.  Special thanks also to volunteer extraordinaire, Matt Hendrix, for joining us on our adventure and supporting the River Watchers!  We ended our awesome day with lunch at Sandy’s.

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