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Birds, Wildlife, and Dillo Dirt

By September 4, 2013No Comments

September 4, 2013:     Seven River Watchers toured the exhibit of bird and wildlife photography at the Center for Environmental Research at Hornsby Bend.  Afterwards, River Watchers drove around the ponds at Hornsby Bend where they learned about the Dillo Dirt composting process, the largest recycling program in the City of Austin.  We observed about 30 cattle egrets very close to the van, barn swallows swooping low over the water eating insects like flies, gnats, and mosquitos.  We also discussed the migration of birds on the Central Flyway and how the migrating birds will stop to feed and rest at these ponds at Hornsby Bend in the midst of their long journey.  Hornsby Bend is the best shorebird habitat and most popular bird-watching site in Central Texas.

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