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AYRW Students Analyze Data

By October 31, 2011No Comments

October 24 – 28, 2011    40  AYRW students analyzed their data on the LCRA’s CRWN website.  Students looked at the data sheet for the data they entered and compared that one day of data to the data in a spreadsheet showing the full data set for their site going back several years.  Students then clicked on the graph data link and some were surprised to find that while looking at the numbers for their test on the spreadsheet of data, they thought their readings for the day were normal and then when they saw it visually on the graph and looked at the numbers again, their impression was different – that their readings for that day were either slightly higher or slightly lower than average for their site.  To try part of this yourself, click here to see the spreadsheet showing the full dataset for Barton Creek below Barton Springs and click here to see this in graph format.  AYRW students are citizen scientists, volunteer water quality monitors who are part of a larger team of volunteer monitors, the Colorado River Watch Network and Texas Stream Team.

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