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2024 Spring Break Eco-Adventure Fundraiser

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5-night 6-day camping trip to Ouachita Mountains!
12 River Watch students
hiking, fishing, & sleeping under the stars!

What the Spring Break Eco-Adventure Means To Us

Austin Youth River Watch goes beyond traditional environmental education. River Watchers don’t just learn about water quality, they immerse themselves in nature, fostering a lifelong connection with the outdoors. The Spring Break Eco-Adventure is a pivotal moment where a year’s worth of lessons culminate in a transformative, 6-day camping trip.

For many students, this will be their first camping trip, their first road trip, and their first experience with activities like pitching a tent and building a fire. Your support will provide them with an opportunity to step outside their comfort zones, explore the world beyond Austin, and gaze at a sky filled with stars—a truly memorable experience.

Trip Itinerary

Camping at Lake Ouachita State Park

River Watchers will learn to pitch a tent and camp under the stars for 5-nights

Fishing barge excursion on Lake Ouachita

River Watchers will go on a fishing barge excursion including fishing lessons, and a 4 hour trip out to the middle of Lake Ouachita on a boat!

Visit Hot Springs National Park

Students will explore the ancient thermal springs, mountain views, incredible geology, forested hikes, and historic bathhouses

Hiking the Ouachita Mountains

River Watchers will experience multiple hikes and trails in the Ouachitas. A brand new ecosystem for our students to explore!

Explore the history of Little Rock

River Watchers will visit Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

S’mores & Campfire Stories

Every night on our adventure trip, we gather around the campfire for some s'more-making magic and other campfire treats, creating unforgettable moments of bonding and laughter that our students cherish as some of their fondest memories!

What Your Support Means To Us

Your donations help us in our mission to provide free, accessible, and inclusive outdoor adventure opportunities.  Adventure trips often involve costs such as transportation, accommodation, meals, and activity fees. Donations help cover these expenses.

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